Electronic-content Department

Nowadays, any Electronic-content is not attractive to the respondent. Due to developments in the world of technology, the need to interactive content that can attract the users' attention through the system, is felt more than ever before. If you're trying to teach educational concepts to your children at the game environments, or are doing various experiments simulated in an interactive way, or are learning various concepts in an interactive and intelligent way and in the form of animated and attractive graphics, or are looking for intelligent and interactive tests, a variety of strategies proposed by Rega Company in the field of electronic-content is ready to service you.

Electronic content can be developed on different platforms Windows, and, mobile and tablet. Electronic content considers all quality parameters in the field of educational technology, and in its design, the factors affecting the quality of education are used. In terms of technical and professional standards in the field of programming and facilities, electronic contents are generated based on 2004SCORM. Rega Company with Electronic-content over 5000 hours and more than 300 courses is considered as one of the distinct companies in this field.

Electronic-content cycles at Rega Company

  1. Identifying the characteristics of the respondent, and instructional design
  2. Receiving content for each section of the course of professors and experts (educational objectives, behavioral goals, content slides, content scenario, received photos, videos and animations, sounds, table of contents, references, pre-test and post-test)
  3. Finalizing prototyping and creating template including a Content Loader and Scorm
  4. Electronic-content
  5. Primary control of information delivered and providing to client
  6. Finalizing based on feedback of client and obtaining approval (fixing technical, scientific, writing bugs)
  7. Loading on LMS

Prominent characteristics of the E-content generated by the Rega E-learning Department

  1. Taking advantage of intelligent and interactive interface
  2. The use of e-learning standards
  3. Search capabilities in the text and rapid and simple access to them
  4. Making list of content with easy and fast access through menus
  5. Two previews of the contents as Index and Menu
  6. Content Intelligent Building with the use of Sharing object technology, so that for the next time to enter the content, it will be possible that the user can continue the last part studied.
  7. The ability to simultaneously provide as Online (web and on LMS) as well as Offline (Windows and on CD)
  8. Synchronization of text and audio
  9. Advanced control capabilities of player and its interaction with the keyboard
  10. The ability to bookmark important pages
  11. The ability to take notes of important points
  12. View the progress
  13. There are smart menus with regard to access to the menu
  14. There are separate photo galleries and videos
  15. Lightweight, compact and without the need for side programs
  16. Creating a database of questions and random selection of questions specific numbers
  17. Opinion polls, printing and sending are possible.
  18. The creation of advanced interactive and intelligent test
  19. There are words to describe the specialized vocabularies