The advantages and benefits of Rega Company

 Ten Reasons to Choose Reg Company


Being a comprehensive

A variety of services and products of the company in the field of e-learning will make you self-sufficient to any other company.


Full details about services:

With a brochure, catalog, portfolio and price list of each services of company, you can get complete information about each of them.


Specific design:

All services of company are provided with special own yourself design.


Reasonable price:

If you are looking for high quality service with reasonable price, with first try, you will be our loyal customer.


Saving time:

All services provided will deliver to you as soon as possible and according to schedule.


Having the confidence in the company:

Brilliant experience in our professional work has become a symbol of reliability and a factor for receiving various certificates of good performance.


Customer Services:

Basic attention to the needs of customers after the sale has led to have planning to respond effectively and ultimately achieve different customer satisfaction.



All services are in line with world standards (ISO 9001 and ISO10004).


All the services provided are supported by experts, and the customer-orientation is our goal.


Awards and Achievements:

As a result of the activities for many years, the company has received numerous awards and honors.